Fresh Autumn Pumpkin Puree’


Hey old man autumn  is back upon us again and now we can start cooking for the holidays .To start it off is our love for everything pumpkin from purees to bread.I just love autumn it is my favorite season because I love pumpkins the look,smell and taste.That’s why a few years I started making my own pumpkin puree because I was up for  the challenge to doing so.It was so easy to make  and it tasted better than the canned puree.I was so please by it I continued the tradition.Homemade pumpkin puree freezes well up to 1 yr. Have fun making the puree and Happy Fall!!!



What you’ll need:

2 Sugar Pumpkins ( I had small ones about 1.5 lbs each)

Sharp Knife

Food Processor or Immersion Blender

Medium Bowls

Spoon for scooping out pulp and seeds

Deep casserole pan or Sheet pan

Aluminum Foil or Parchment Paper


Let’s prep the pumpkin for roasting :0)

1. Wash and Dry pumpkins.

2.Break or cut stem off of pumpkins.

3.Cut pumpkin from top to bottom.

4.Take a spoon or scoop and scrape out the pulp and seeds.Put seeds and pulp in a bowl.

Pumpkins ready for roasting ,scooping and pureeing :0)

1. Lay the pumpkins face down on a foiled or parchment lined pan.Place pumpkins in a  350 degree oven and roast them for 60-90 minutes( Pending on the size of your pumpkins.)

2.Once the pumpkins are done roasting take them out and let them cool for a bit about 10- 15 minutes.

3.Now scrape out the pumpkin flesh and put it into a medium bowl  or food processor .( I used an immersion blender).

4.With your food processor or immersion blender puree the pumpkin until its smooth in texture.

For future seasonal use:


1. Scoop pumpkin puree into freezer bags. The puree will freeze well for up to 1yr.

Have fun making your seasonal holiday dishes and Happy Fall.



Homemade Peeled Garlic


It’s been a while since I peeled a clove of garlic and yes you can call me lazy or a lady who sorta want the luxury of convenience.I started buying peeled garlic 2 yrs ago out curiosity.It felt good not to peel garlic anymore it became a great part of my life until I ran out of garlic and  I had  to run to  the store and buy more.When you buy already peeled garlic you don’t get the freshness and it looks old.So That is why I am here to show how you how you can make your fresh peeled cloves of garlic.This is not a recipe but a little convenience in the kitchen.


3 Whole Garlic Bulbs



1.Take the garlic and peel the paper off of the garlic .

2.Place the garlic in a container and cover .Refrigerate for immediate and future use.

3.The garlic can stay fresh  2-3 weeks .You can start the process all over again.

I hope this how to is helpful when it comes to fresh peeled garlic.