How To Spatchcock A Chicken


Here is a technique one must learn it is quick and easy once you master it.It’s called Spatchcock is a technique mainly for poultry such as chicken,cornish hens and for other game bird.  The term spatchcock(butterfly) means removal of the back bone .When the bird is butterflied it roasts quicker and more evenly .You can grill your spatchcock chicken or roast it in the oven either or is good.This technique has been around for over 100 yrs and still being used these days.So this is why I will show you in the tutorial down below how to spatchcock a chicken.


Things you’ll need:

1. 1 whole chicken

2.Kitchen or Poultry Shears






1.Lay the  chicken breast down on the cutting board with the legs towards you.

2.With the  kitchen shears cut from the tail to the neck.Do this to both sides.

3.When the chicken is cut on both sides take the piece you cut and reserve it for soups or stock.

4.Turn the chicken over and press down  with your hard until you hear a snapping sound.

5.Make sure the chicken is flatten with the legs turned out .

6.Now you have your first spatchcocked chicken and now you are ready to season it any which way you want and cook it on a grill or in the oven.

Good Luck Cooking!!

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